Motivation (Weigh-In 12)


I’ve been blaming my lack of workouts on first my injured knee, then the fever/stomach bug that sidelined me for a week. To be honest, though, my motivation was flagging before that. I’ve been eating like crap and thinking it fit into my macros, when I was likely waaaaay underestimating how much I was eating. Work has been overwhelming, money is very tight, I’m preparing for an artists alley this weekend, and my health is the last thing on my mind.

Which is horrible, when you think about it. No matter what’s going on, my health should be a priority. Yesterday, I saw I’d gained nearly 3 pounds in 2 weeks. It’s the largest gain I’ve ever had while attempting to lose weight, and it was a shock. The weight isn’t really the point, but the fact that I was so out of touch with where my body was at was hard to swallow. There’s a reason this post is coming the day after the weigh-in. Some things take some time to process.

I took last night to think about why I started and what I can do to get back on track. I went to the gym for a heavy leg day, then to the produce market to re-stock my fridge. I meal prepped for the next few days and packed my gym bag for today. I loved the gym when I started, and though it’s going to take some time, I’ll get back to that place. I felt good yesterday and enjoyed having some “me time” to just catch up on YouTube on the treadmill!

I started this because I wanted to stop feeling sick and tired all the time. When I’m working out, I have more energy and fewer migraines. I’m happier and less stressed by work things. Also, I can’t afford new clothes right now; being able to fit into old clothes again will significantly help my budget. Not the most ~inspirational~ motive, but something to look forward to. I like cooking healthy meals for myself and my partner, and I like saving money by not buying lunch every day. I love my body, for the first time probably ever, and I want to take care of it.

There’s one week left in the Fittest Loser challenge, so I’m going to smash it and then head into phase 2!

Weight: 272.8 pounds
Lost this week: -2.8
Lost so far: 9.2
Pounds to goal 1 (5% loss): 4.9


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    1. I am the least coordinated person. On a rainy day, I slipped in the lobby of my office building and fell to the marble floor with my full weight on one of my kneecaps. Sigh.

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      1. Good to know! It’s almost healed, but I’ve been avoiding working glutes because I know the squats will murder my knee.


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