Dance the Night (Pounds?) Away (Weigh-In 11)

(This is last week’s weigh-in, which I didn’t finish editing as I’ve been knocked out by some flu-like bug. I checked my weight this morning and it’s more or less the same. Going to focus on eating what I can and trying to get over this bug this week.)

I didn’t go to a party school. I went to a quiet school with no frats and minimal partying. Combined with crippling anxiety, I didn’t really go out much. Now, though, I’m living near a major city with young people my age. For the first time, I have a group of friends who are way more outgoing than I am (and much cooler), so they actually know what’s going on. And they invite me to things! This week was a Silent Party, where attendees receive headphones where DJs are spinning on three separate channels. It was incredible seeing a mass of people dancing to different beats.

It also lowered the anxiety for me. I spent years as a dancer, but if something isn’t choreographed, I don’t know what to do with myself. Especially with people watching. However, when the person next to me is listening to different music, they have no idea if I’m on the beat, or if my moves make sense, or if I’m just doing my own thing. I danced for 4 hours straight, and since I didn’t have a great week in terms of eating, that was definitely a major contributor to my weight loss this week. There’s a silent party every two weeks in my area, so I’ll definitely be going back soon!

Weight: 270 pounds
Lost this week: 1.6
Lost so far: 12
Pounds to goal 1 (5% loss): 2.1


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