Double Digits (Weigh In 10)

I think I can call myself officially back in the swing of things. I meal prepped this week, bought healthy snacks I’d like to have in my desk drawers, and focused on eating only when I was hungry. It showed on the scale again, which is gratifying! This week’s challenge is getting back into the gym. Lifting was going really well, and I want to keep on that! Update on how that’s going next week.

March wasn’t the greatest month for me. I gained twice and didn’t lose as much as I had in February. However, it’s still showing in progress pictures. I’m not feeling the weight loss quite yet, but when I look back at photos, I can see it. That’s pretty cool. I never took progress photos before, and it’s amazing how much it helps. I absolutely recommend taking progress photos, even if it’s just for yourself.

AND on weigh-in 10, I am officially down over 10 pounds! Double digits! I want to push really hard next week, because I really want to keep that weight lost above double digits. I’m starting with a workout tonight as well as a fun trip to the local Japanese supermarket for some ingredients for the recipe post later this week.

Short post this week, but that’s how progress is sometimes. I kept going. And that’s great.

Weight: 271.6 pounds
Lost this week: 1.4
Lost so far: 10.4
Pounds to goal 1 (5% loss): 3.7

Progress Pictures:


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