Halfway (Weigh In 9)

I didn’t write an entry last week because I honestly forgot. Which sort of shows you where my motivation has been. Last week, I was up another .4 pounds for a total of 275.4. Due to an enormous amount of stress, I was back to ready meals and skipping the gym. I’d come home from my full-time job, work on Etsy orders, and crash. My partner would find me curled up on the couch and gently prod me to go to bed. Gaining for one week is suboptimal but generally easily reversed. Gaining two weeks in a row is the beginning of a pattern that I didn’t want to fall into again.

Last week marked the halfway point of the Fittest Loser competition. I honestly haven’t thought about it much, as my focus is on the long haul. I started before the competition started and will finish long after. Regardless, though, that final weigh-in day is looming. The initial weigh-in also measured our blood cholesterol and blood sugar. Those were a real wake-up for me. Being overweight is something I’ve always known and lived with, but blood levels were a shock and indicative of immediate health risk. I want to be able to look at those results and see a real change in these 12 weeks.

This week, I made small steps like I did when I was first starting. I went to the gym and incorporated walking-related activities on the weekends. I tracked everything. I inched back into cooking my own meals, if a bit more simple than my previous bowls. Whole wheat pasta, chicken sausage, and sauce I can manage to dump into a pot even on my busiest days. I separated smoothie ingredients into individual bags in the freezer to make it as easy as possible in the morning to get some micronutrients, fiber, and protein. Small steps while still enjoying myself and being flexible. I had chicken tenders this week because the chicken tenders at the restaurant near my house are delicious.

It’s been working. I was honestly surprised when I stepped on the scale today. I was dreading it, afraid that since I’ve been out of the gym, I’ve continued the upward trend. However, it turns out getting the rest you need makes a difference. Since last week, I’ve lost three times what I gained in two weeks.

I’ll be back to cooking more exciting meals within the next week, so we should be back up to two posts a week shortly. Thank you guys for sticking with me!

Weight: 273.0 pounds
Lost this week: 2.4
Lost so far: 9.0
Pounds to goal 1 (5% loss): 5.1


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  1. Good for you for stopping yourself from getting too far off track and congrats on your losses this week. I think small changes to get back on track is the best way to go, it stops us from overwhelming ourselves. Thanks for sharing and welcome back. x


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