What Health Means (Weigh-In 8)

I gained weight this week.

I had to put that first, to internalize it. I gained a little bit of weight, which is never fun, but happens. It was a rough week. I went from a stomach bug to a cold, both of which left me craving nutrient-dense comfort food without being able to work out. I’ve felt pretty generally gross this week, and it showed in my progress.

Despite wanting to work out, I chose to get some rest. Several things in my life are in turmoil right now. I know I will be fine eventually, but in the meantime, I am scrambling to stay on top of everything. I haven’t been sleeping, I haven’t been eating as balanced as I’d like to, and I haven’t felt like I had time to relax. So I took how awful I was feeling as a sign from my body to calm the heck down. And I did.

I mentioned to a team member this morning that I was worried about our weigh-in, as I hadn’t been able to work out. She immediately turned it around. “This challenge is about health – that includes taking the time off to heal when you need it. Just as long as you go back.” So today, I’m still shaking off the time change sleepiness (seriously, why), but my workout bag is in the front seat of my car. I’m pushing to make sure I hit my macros and drink enough water. Next week, I will have lost weight, but more importantly, I will feel healthier.

Weight: 275.0 pounds
Lost this week: -0.4
Lost so far: 7.0
Pounds to goal 1 (5% loss): 7.1


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