Progress. (Weigh-In 7)

It’s crazy that it’s only been a month. In February, I joined a gym, started lifting, cleaned up my diet, rediscovered a love of cooking, and ultimately found a balance I haven’t felt in years. I also lost 7 pounds, but at this point, that’s sort of a footnote.

I still had some bad days. Work is hectic and definitely isn’t slowing down soon. My Etsy shop has experienced an exciting (but stressful) boost. The difference is in the approach – I turned a frustrating day around with a run and an arm session. I have the energy to work on my shop even after a long day thanks to balanced, yummy food. The trick now is to keep that momentum, keep making and sticking to the changes that work for me.

Speaking of changes, dropping popcorn worked. I lost more weight this week, and I ate more wholesome food instead of straight carbs. That said, am I giving up my popcorn forever? Hahahahaha no. I learned I definitely eat popcorn out of boredom instead of genuine hunger frequently, but not all the time. On Saturday, I actively wanted popcorn. Not just something to eat, not even a salty snack, I specifically wanted popcorn. It’s frustrating because when you have a craving, nothing else will quite satisfy what you’re looking for. I’m definitely looking forward to a bowl tonight – but the kernels and butter will be measured, not eyeballed. And it will be just as satisfying when eaten in a reasonable serving.

This was a great week, and I’m blown away looking at the progress photos. I haven’t really seen progress in myself yet just looking in the mirror, but looking at the photos, I definitely do. This is why progress photos are so important! So here is the comparison from the end of January to the first week of March.

Weight: 274.6 pounds
Lost this week: 2.0
Lost so far: 7.4
Pounds to goal 1 (5% loss): 6.7


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