Weighing the Confusion (Weigh-In 5)

As I mentioned before, my weight on the scale used for Fittest Loser was quite a bit higher than the scale I originally started with, and I’m unsure why. Since I started with the other (lower) scale, I’ve been continuing to weigh in on both that one and the Fittest Loser scale. Then, today, the original scale was out of batteries. Since the scale is a public one – I don’t own my own scale to avoid getting obsessive – I’m not in control of putting batteries back in it. Now that that’s out of commission for a while, I will be switching to the scale that I am in charge of, the one the team has for Fittest Loser.

So, according to that scale, I am 11 pounds higher than the weight I posted last week. I’m trying not to see this as a setback. After all, I did actually lose weight this week. On this scale, I was 282.0 when this challenge started 2 weeks ago and 280.6 last week. I’m down quite a bit this week, but it’s weird and embarrassing to write a higher number down, even when I have lost. Hence not owning my own scale; I know I’d spiral a bit on this.

The important part is how I’m feeling. I walked a few miles every day this weekend (mostly to play Pokemon GO, but hey I caught a 1300 CP Slowbro so #nonscalevictories). I thought I didn’t have time to cook or meal prep, but now I’m making time as part of my self-care. I enjoy cooking, so (in case you can’t see from the recipes I’ve been posting) I’m experimenting more in the kitchen and making food I truly enjoy. Sure, I still eat a lot of the same meals every day, but it’s because I want to. I’ve eaten that Southwestern BBQ Pulled Chicken Quinoa Salad Bowl almost every day for the past two or so weeks because it’s delicious and that’s what I’ve been wanting to eat. Right now, I have some chicken marinating in the fridge for a new recipe I’ll be posting later this week, and I’ll probably have that for several meals in a row too.

I’m going to adjust the numbers to show the weight I’ve lost according to the Fittest Loser scale since the beginning of the challenge 2 weeks ago. That means my starting weight has changed to 282, and I’ve lost a total of 4 pounds in the last two weeks. Still hitting my target of 2 pounds per week, just a bit of a different starting weight! My weigh-in posts will now come in the afternoon moving forward, as I’ll be weighing in at lunch with my team.

Thanks for sticking with me! I’ve put the adjusted numbers and goals here:

Weight: 278.0 pounds
Lost this week: 2.6
Lost so far: 4.0
Pounds to goal 1 (5% loss): 10.1


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