Journey Goals (Weigh-In 4)

Okay, so the CrossFit helped maybe a bit. This is the first week of the Fittest Loser, and I’m excited to check in with my team this week! We had lunch together on Thursday to plan out the events we’ll be attending. I’m really excited to start up Couch to 5k again, and over the course of this 12-week challenge, I’m going to participate in a 5k.

I’m also going to work out at least twice a week each week. I know that may seem low, but for me, that’s a big increase as I don’t yet work out regularly. I’m going to do cardio and some body weight strength with a friend during our lunch tomorrow. Erich and I are going to look for a gym where we can do some weights so I’m doing more than just cardio.

Today’s update is a little short as Erich seems to have given me whatever had him all feverish last week. I slept from 3 PM yesterday all the way through to this morning, only waking up for an hour to have some cereal. Here’s hoping some light exercise after work wakes me up!

I’m trying to shoot for a 2-pound loss each week, so this was a bit less than I wanted. However, after Thursday’s CrossFit misadventures, I was stuck mostly sedentary this weekend. I was hoping it was just post-workout soreness, but I really did injure myself. Sigh. Regardless, I’m still losing weight and heading in the direction I want to!

Weight: 267.0 pounds
Lost this week: 1
Lost so far: 6.0
Pounds to goal 1: 17.0


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