CrossFit: Not Even Once

Okay, actually, once.

I tried my first CrossFit class yesterday and I am struggling. I have a lot of respect for people who train well this way¬†but suffice to say it’s not for me. Halfway through a set, my legs seized up and I fell. It was embarrassing, but the trainer was pretty good about helping. I rolled it out and kind of stumbled home. Today is rough.

The mentality there was that if you feel like you can’t breathe and are about to throw up, that means it’s working. I’m unsure if this is true of CrossFit as a whole, or if this was just not a great place. If your muscles give out and you throw up, that is a bad sign, in case that was unclear; don’t do what I did!

What struck me, though, was that I was able to push to that point. I try to run a lot and always back off when I start breathing hard. I’m not talking dangerously hard. You should always slow down if you’re really struggling. However, I don’t usually get to that point. I generally turn down the intensity the minute I start to feel uncomfortable. Some part of me broke through that yesterday. It definitely wasn’t in a healthy way at that point, but I’ll take that lesson going forward.

Some part of me broke through that yesterday. It definitely wasn’t in a healthy way at that point, but I’ll take that lesson going forward. I can pick a spot on the wall and push through that discomfort. I feel proud of myself still for that. Despite the way my back, legs, arms, abs…entire body is feeling today, I am proud that I pushed through and did not give up. At this point, it was definitely because I was in a class with others watching, but I want to take the knowledge that I have that mental resolve inside of me and put it to good use. Over the course of the Fittest Loser challenge, I’ll have the chance to participate for free in several 5k runs. My goal over the next 12 weeks is to take advantage of at least one of them. Even if I have to walk for part of it, I will push through the discomfort to find my stride.

For today, I’m resting. I’m going to take plenty of ibuprofen and eat well to repair my muscles. I need to catch up a bit on my macros – I stuck my finger into my boiling hot oats this morning and promptly dropped them on the floor! That’s pretty much how my day is going. I think that means yummy Quest Bar cookies later (pro tip: break your cookie dough Quest Bar into little round cookie shapes and throw in the toaster oven. You’re welcome). Tea and hot rice packs and fluffy blankets today.

Do you all have any recommendations for exercises to improve strength at a bit of a lower intensity? And have you ever tried a type of exercise that definitely wasn’t for you? What was it?


P.S. In case you are wondering, the set I was working on that I struggled so much with was:

10 Lunges
10 Sit-Ups
10 Kettlebell Swings

In CrossFit (again, at least at this gym), your back knee should bend down to touch the floor during each lunge. That’s what I couldn’t get back up from and what caused the leg issues. I made it through 4 sets before falling during the lunges.



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  1. I think it’s great you found a positive lesson in it even if it wasn’t for you. I really recommend checking out Fitness Blender for some low intensity strength training. They have a lot of videos with beginner / intermediate modifications that allow you to build into the full moves instead of jumping too far ahead. I know specifically some of their workouts involve doing a more shallow lunge so you can build the stability and strength to get into that movement. Keep at it!


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