Fatigue and Failure

I feel like I’ve been asleep this entire week.

I’ve tried to be in bed by 10 PM every day this week, but no matter how much I sleep, I feel almost painfully tired every morning when I wake up. I’m eating veggies, working out, taking my vitamins. So if you have any experience with that or any advice, please let me know! Don’t worry, I also spoke to a medical professional, who suggested it was likely from some antibiotics I recently finished taking. ┬áBleh.

The team captains’ meeting for the Fittest Loser Challenge was yesterday. I’ll be competing in a challenge run by the Daily Herald here in the Chicago suburbs over the next 12 weeks. I’ll be tracking more closely, as well as attending some fun healthy events in my area. I’m the team captain, which means I’ll be focusing on cheering on my awesome teammates as well as my own journey. If they have the time, you may be seeing some guest posts here.

My first weigh-in for Fittest Loser is next Tuesday morning. I’ll be posting weigh in and progress pics then instead of Monday┬ábecause weighing in more than once a week will make me a little nuts. After that, my team and I will be weighing in on Mondays at noon instead of in the morning (which is what I have been doing). That means my weight may be a bit different since I tend to drink a lot of water in the morning. We shall see!

I tried making steel cut overnight oats this week and it…did not go well. The recipe I used suggested 1/4 cup oats to 3/4 cup water. There was about half a cup of water left in the morning. So, if you have suggestions for that, please let me know! When I run out of yogurt in the fridge and don’t have time to get more that day, I end up eating protein bars for breakfast. ThinkThin bars are awesome (shout out to their Protein & Fiber Bar in Chocolate Almond Brownie for keeping me from biting someone’s arm off while hangry), but eating something else would probably be more budget-friendly. Don’t worry, protein bars, you’re still my favorite workout snack. You have a permanent spot in my desk drawer. I’ll be sure to share any better recipes I learn here.

Thaaaaat’s all for today! I’ll talk to you all soon.


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    1. What’s your favorite flavor? I’m always apprehensive of trying new ones, but I’m also worried about getting sick of my beloved Chocolate Almond Brownie.


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