Sleep Deprivation (Weigh-In 2)

Sleep deprivation is no joke, kids.

Due to some fun health issues keeping me up at night, I slept a total of 10 hours from Friday to now. It’s amazing what sleep deprivation does to your body when you’re not used to it. I used to pull all-nighters all the time at school (not so great with planning…), and while the next morning wasn’t fun, I usually bounced back.

Today I feel barely able to move. I’m apathetic and annoyed with everything. I don’t really have an appetite, and yet I really want to eat junk food. Adding to my list of resolutions on this journey: get enough sleep. This is not fun.

I’d like to blame just sleep deprivation for the tiny amount of weight lost this week, but it’s also food choices. I didn’t eat as many veggies as I usually do, and I definitely ate some more high-sugar fruits. I ate at weird times and maybe need to work on my portion sizes. So, something to think about for next week. And to start on when my brain starts up again.

Weight: 272.8 pounds
Lost this week: 0.2
Lost so far: 0.2
Pounds to goal 1: 22.8


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